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the Actor's-Craft studio
A place for actors to perfect and challenge their craft.


"I love to attend Alan's classes because it reconnects me with the craft and feeds my curiosity. These classes are a constant reminder to be in the moment and Alan is there to help his students do just that. His class is very exciting and his commitment to the student is total..." - Kathleen Warfel

"I discovered Richard Alan Nichols when I moved to Kansas City and 23 years later I continue to take classes with him. The work at the Actors Craft Studio requires an actor's discipline, willingness to take risks and awareness of the importance of action to our art form. I find that being in a class with others who have a passion for acting gives me the opportunity to learn and practice my craft in supportive and professional environment." - Nancy Marcy

Working Actors

Some of the other working actors, who have studied at Actor's Craft include: Marilyn Lynch, Craig Benton, Charles Fugate, Ken Remmert, James Wright, Tanya Barber, Ari Bavel, Joel Moses, Kevin Albert, Paul Orwick, Tyler Miller, Terri Wilder, Joyce Slater, Sanford Kelley, Ryan Laws, Ryan Seymore, Peter Hendrixson, David Ollington, Kim Noble, Nancy Hoch, Michael Masterson, Linda Levin, Laurie Hamilton, Kathy Murphy, Kelly Main, Glendora Davis, Ellen Loschke, Dan Nichols, Dustin McKanie, Dian Bulan, D.K. Evenson, John Loungo, Christine Johns, Carol Leighton, Barbara Houston, Mark Manning, Nancy Nail, Matt Gregs, Mary Pinizzotto, Carol Kobza, Whit Welker, Herman Johanson, Doogin Brown, Natalie Liccardello and Alan Tilson